Professional Speaking
Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker for a professional conference or someone to address a specific issue related to the unique needs of your organization, GWC associates possess the experience you need to deliver an exceptional, memorable and value-added program.   

Staff Retreat Facilitiation
GWC associates are ready to tailor an efficient and effective staff retreat for you.  Allow us to create a retreat focused on team-building, reflection and fun or one that leads your team through strategic planning, visioning and re-engineering.     

In-House Training and Professional Development Programs
With expertise and experience working with college career services staff members, student affairs professionals and not-for-profit organizations, GWC associates are eager to collaborate with you to identify areas where additional training can take your staff to the next level.    

Dining and Professional Etiquette Tutorials
GWC associates Teresa Alewel and Ray Angle are certified etiquette consultants with experience working with college students and new professionals.  

Etiquette presentations cover dining basics including place settings; utensil, dinnerware and stemware usage; napkins; ordering; serving and passing food; tipping; and hosting and being hosted.      

In addition, tutorial participants learn some basic business etiquette skills including using technology (mobile telephones, email and social media), responding to invitations, making introductions and conversation, and thriving during meal interviews. 


Career Development

  • Changing the Way We Work (Alternative Work Schedules)
  • Improving Workplace Relationships
  • Surviving and Thriving as New Professional
  • The Five Es of Career Development

Job Search Toolbox

  • Career Assessments
  • Interviewing
  • Resume Writing
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Job Search Correspondence
  • Networking
  • Branding and Social Media


  • Developing Your Own Leadership Style
  • Reel Leadership 101: Lessons from Hollywood
  • General Leadership Development and Leadership Theories

General Leadership and Skill Development

  • Networking
  • Making Professional Conversation
  • Supervision
  • Managing Up
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Identifying and Securing Work-Related Resources
  • Presentation Skills
  • Branding and Social Media

College Career Center Management and Development

  • Career Services Overview
  • Career Center Structures and Service Delivery Models
  • Programming
  • Technology
  • Social Media
  • Budgeting
  • Resource Management

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